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     I remember, as a child, the first time that my mother let me use her Pentax SLR. I played around with her camera but never became obsessed until I was in my twenties. I became a veterinary assistant and became familiar with canine and feline behaviour. Even as a child I used to sit for hours studying the behaviour of cats in a feral colony. I would also try to help the fallen Barn Swallows that would fall from their nest.  I believe that having an understanding of domestic animal behaviour has helped me tremendously when I am photographing wildlife. I have also worked with wildlife at times in my previous job as a vet assistant.  I currently volunteer on my days off with the Atlantic Wildlife Institute and pick up injured wildlife when needed. A photo diary of these cases can be found on my Instagram. (amanda_beers_photography)

     I have an insatiable passion for wildlife and animals, my days off revolve around photographing or helping them.

     I currently hold an accreditation membership with the Professional Photographers of Canada (wildlife category), and had an observation membership since 2016.      

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